Dairy Foods

This page discusses dairy foods as part of a balanced diet.



The Role of Dairy 

Dairy foods provide protein, vitamins and are an important source of calcium which is vital for strong bones and teeth.

Some dairy foods are high in both total and saturated fat, with some cheese also being high in salt.

How Often 

Aim to have some dairy every day

Healthy Dairy Choices 


  • Try switching from whole (blue) to semi skimmed (green) or 1% fat (orange) or skimmed (red). Lower fat milks contain similar amount of protein, carbohydrate and calcium as whole milk, they just contain less total fat and saturated fat.


  • Opt for lower fat varieties such as Edam or reduced fat hard cheese, remember they are still high in fat and saturates so it is important to consider portion sizes.
  • Cottage cheese, Quark and reduced fat cream cheeses are lowest in fat and salt.
  • If you prefer higher fat cheeses use small amounts.
  • Make hard cheese go further by grating it.
  • Use mature cheese, a little goes a long way. 


  • A good alternative is natural or low fat Greek yoghurt.
  • Opt for low fat or diet yoghurts (these can be higher in added sugar though, so it is important to check the label).

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