Type 1 Group Education Courses

All of these courses are based on carbohydrate counting and injecting insulin to match the amount of carbohydrate consumed, with suitable adjustment for ratios needed at different times of day, for exercise levels or for illness. You need to be on a basal/bolus regime using long-acting background insulin and rapid acting insulin at meal times.

Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating education for Type 1s, similar to DAFNE. This is available at St Mary's Paddington, Chelsea & Westminster, Charing Cross, West and Central Middlesex, Hillingdon and Northwick Park hospitals and in the community in Ealing and Brent. The Charing Cross programme, ICICLE, is limited to 2 three hour sessions but 4 sessions for those on or considering pumps.

DAFNE itself is available at Central Middlesex, St Mary's and Northwick Park hospitals and runs for 5 consecutive days, A special version of DAFNE for pump users is also available at Central Middlesex. There is also an online dose adjustment course www.bertieonline.org.uk .

Education for Children and Young People and their Families

Much of this is delivered one-to-one in paediatric clinics.

  • Team T1 (Teens Empowered to Actively Manage Type 1 Diabetes)
  • A 4 day course licensed by DAFNE Australia and run by Brent Integrated Diabetes Services community team in small groups of 6-8 adolescents with parents joining in on the first and last days. Central Middlesex's transition clinic offers walk-in follow up appointments, mobile phone access and video consultations. They use the Type 1 diabetes tool-kit. Northwick Park arrange occasional days out such as bowling, which include carb counting at the meal afterwards.

  • There is also a Type 1 Resources website offering a wide range of resources for self-care and support www.t1resources.uk .

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