Fulham Group

The Group is affiliated to Diabetes UK and sponsored by Central London Community Healthcare. It comprises Type 2s and Type 1s, both newly diagnosed and those with many years experience, together with partners, other family members, friends and carers. Membership is drawn from Fulham, Hammersmith and the surrounding areas.

The purpose of the Group is both educational and to provide a place where you can meet other people with diabetes and share experiences. The Group meets 8 times a year. The 2016 programme is set out overleaf. The programme rotates through some 10 sessions. There is usually an informal talk on a specialist subject from a wide and exciting panel of speakers with lively questions and discussion.

The Fulham Group meets at the NHS Walk-In Centre on Parsons Green SW6 4UL from 6.00 to 8.00 pm on the 2nd Monday in the month, which is situated right next to the White Horse pub. Sign in at Reception then head for the ‘audiology room’ at the back of the ground floor. The main speaker will give their talk at 6.30 pm.

There is no charge to members or visitors and no obligation to return.


9 January: Coping with Diabetes, Sophie Thomas, Type 1 & mother of Type 1, Suitable for Type 1 & 2                             

13 February: Diabetes Education and Information – What is available? Peter Gilbert, Suitable for Type 1 & 2

13 March: Food, Martin Jones, CLCH specialist diabetes dietician, Suitable for Type 1 & 2

April: No Group

8 May: Diabetic Podiatry, Nick Collett, CLCH specialist podiatrist, Suitable for Type 1 & 2

12 June: Insulin Pumps, Vicky Reilly, diabetes specialist nurse Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Suitable for Type 1

July: No Group

August: No Group

11 September: Dietary Tips and Weight Management, Krysie Chamberlain, nutritionist, Suitable for Type 1 & 2                                                               

9 October: Diabetes Obesity Solutions – Bariatric Surgery,  Anna Sackey or Carol Jairam, DSNs, Imperial Hospital Group, Suitable for Type 1 & 2

13 November: What are the 15 Diabetes Healthcare Essentials? Dr Paula Fernandes, diabetes lead GP, H&F CCG, Suitable for Type 1 & 2                 

December     No Group.



If you would like to find out more, call or email the secretary, Peter Gilbert, on 020 7736 0044 or peterhgilbert@gmail.com, or just come along to the next meeting.


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